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Our Focus

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What we do

With our new focus, we connect with startup teams who seek to fundraise in ICOs and IDOs at various stages from seed to trade sale, with potential angel and institutional investors. 

We also co-invest with traditional institutional investors through private equity deployment into crypto startups.

With each of our portfolio companies, we advise and guide companies to develop a  token-equity hybrid model to approach potential investors. We also provide risk management advisory to crypto teams and startups regarding tax, legal, and KYC matters.

Our team has extensive experience working with a wide array of token-based projects to engineer rational and balanced network economies that promote organic ecosystem growth. This includes early stage projects aiming to integrate a token as well as fully functioning token economies looking to fine tune their structure.

Our deep understanding of crypto networks allows us to offer a variety of advisory work for projects in the space concerning Token Design, Economic Audits, Risk Management, Strategy Audits, Economic Dashboards, Development, and Education.

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