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Ms. Hien T. Nguyen

A Senior Qualified Lawyer, practicing since 1993 with a range of experience in Criminal - Litigation, Foreign Investment, Mergers & Acquisitions, Immigration-Citizenship, Wealth Management. First class analytical, design and problems solving skills. Dedicated to maintaining the highest standards.

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My Story

Under the leadership of Ms Hien Nguyen, IMG Group of Companies including IMG Law, IMG Immigration, IMG Education, IMG Wellness, IMG Logistics, IMG Investment, IMG Real Estate, IMG Media, IMG Club and most recently IMG Agri-tech have been very active in the market.

" While we look back proudly at our achievements, we also look forward to building on our accomplishments to create move value in our industries. Most importantly, we seek to make greater contributions to the economy by promoting development, progress, and empowering you people"

Hien T. Nguyen - Chairwoman IMG Group of Companies


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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